The story of our children’s education:

Child ready to go to Evening TutoringBetween 2004 and 2013 our children attended St. Ignatius School in Avarampatty Village. They walked 2 km there and back each day. However, in 2013 this all changed. One of our supporting agencies began to assess our children’s educational progress, and found it to be severely lacking. The quality of our children’s education was found to be very poor at St. Ignatius School. So this agency, the Miracle Foundation, supported DKSHA in sending our children to different schools in order to receive a better education. Today, our children attend 5 different schools in our local villages depending upon their age and gender. And I am happy to say that they are receiving a much better education! The Miracle Foundation also helps to support evening tutoring classes for our children in Math, English, Science, Primary, and Computer Literacy. The Miracle Foundation continues to assess our children’s educational progress on a quarterly basis, and each child is given a personalized educational tracking file, which shows us their progress, excellence, extra curricular activities, etc. In addition, any of our children suffering from learning disabilities are given special attention and sent to a special psychologist for testing to determine their unique needs.

DKSHA also supports 20 boys and girls attending higher education. This includes both formal and informal, polytechnic, industrial training, nursing, university education, hotel management, etc. Each child is placed in the hostels attached to the respective institutions, and all of their expenses are provided by DKSHA through the gracious support of our donors and supporting agencies.

Through DKSHA’s Cornerstone Orphanage home, we have had a total of 76 children attain ‘rehabilitation’. 76 children who were raised through DKSHA and graduated from higher education in some vocational skill through our support. Whether technical, IT, nursing, driving, mechanical, teaching, etc. These children completed higher education and are now currently employed, healthy members of society!