Our Vision

Create a world built on Peace, Justice and Equality.

Our Mission

  • Promotion of %100 literacy among the focused population
  • Community Health Care by the focused population
  • Make youth employable and income-generating
  • Sustainable agro based development in the focused areas
  • Promotion of Female Empowerment
  • Enhancement of Water and Sanitation Systems

 Our Goals

  • Reduction of illiteracy among the focused population of DKSHA areas of operation.
  • Increase health scenario of rural areas by promoting preventive, promotive and curative community health care.
  • Holistic Mainstreaming of orphan, semi-orphan and destitute children from DKSHA areas of operation.
  • Providing opportunities for drop out youth to be employable through skill training, technical education and higher education.
  • Promote and sustain agro based development of the focused areas
  • Set up Community Based Organizations among women for holistic Sustainable development in the focused areas of DKSHA .
  • Improve Water and Sanitation


Our Objectives

  • To provide wholesome education to orphan, semi-orphan, destitute children through residential programs (orphanage) and community based activities (evening tuition centers for intellectually weaker children) in about 50 villages around DKSHA.
  • To form, build, train and sustain women self-help groups in 150 villages around DKSHA to initiate  the process of female economic, political, educational and social empowerment.
  • To form, build, train and sustain farmers clubs in 150 villages around DKSHA in order to promote agro based initiatives.
  • To conduct vocational skill training and life skill training for the youth to make them employable or to help them to be entreprenurers.


Our Motto

Help – Care – Build Up

Our Belief/Value

We believe that every person is created good and to nurture this goodness, we commit ourselves to helping the children and women to develop this goodness;  providing a wholesome understanding of the society where we live. Fostering a loving environment among those we meet and work with.