Cornerstone Orphanage

Admission of Children into our Cornerstone Orphanage based on the following criteria.

  1. Children who have no parents,
  2. Children of single parents,
  3. Children whose parents are no more due to HIV/AIDS, imprisonment, desertion, prolonged illness.
  4. Children without a home


There are 80 children both boys and girls of age 5 -18 who have been provided accommodation, food, clothing, education in the regular government schools.

Computer education with the help of a lab available for the children.

We do have meetings of the care takers (relatives, referrers and single parents) of these children once in 2 months.

There have been class room performance evaluations of our children with their teachers to ensure better performance in their studies.

Community based organizations like women SHGs, Farmers’ Clubs visit to children in the Cornerstone: Village communities are being taught to empathize with the children and not sympathize.

Special coaching in studies: ‘Our focused children’ are being molded to become better performers in their studies.

Volunteers providing food for the children: This program has also been linked with like minded individuals who provide food for our children on special occasions.

Emergency medical assistance: We have a tempo traveler- van, used for community development activities. But also used at the time of emergency for the transportation of children to hospital – but not fully able to use it for want of support to utilize the vehicle.

Exposure in community development for college, university students national and international like students from Singapore Polytechnic, Students from Nan yang Technological University Singpore.

Special training for Cornerstone children in life skill training in artificial jewelry, communication skills, cultural and extra curricular activities.