Future Programs

Financial support to implement a project on Community awareness on communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Financial support to execute the project Emancipation of Women and family in 35 villages: it has 10 major objectives promoting education of children, empowerment of women etc.

Financial support Strengthening of the project of “Agro Based Development Initiatives Against Poverty towards Self Reliance” already began three years back in twenty five villages. There are 21 objectives aiming at strengthening the farmers’ clubs at micro level and to federate them at the macro level for networked intervention leading to socio-economic-health sustainability.

Financial support for the initiation of “Agro Based Development Initiatives Against Poverty towards Self Reliance” in new 15 villages. It consists of entering into new fifteen villages to initiate the activities, which were executed in the old 25 villages. It was the request of the farmers from these villages. They have seen what DKSHA was doing for the farmers in the 25 villages, in promoting sustainable agro based developments. There are 11 objectives in this part of the program.

Support to meet the school fees. Currently the caretakers (referrers/ relatives/ well wishers in the communities) have been lending their occasional supports. This has not been regular and timely. Hence there have been complaints from the school administrations about the irregularities of payments etc. Such situations have been tremendously worrying the children and us.

Support to provide school uniforms and clothes to wear at hostel: the schools where our children study, do give one set of uniform as part of the contribution from the governments. But the quality of the clothing is a big question. It does not last. We need to give a minimum of 2 sets of uniforms and 2 sets colour dress. We want to see our children in good dress, at least what is necessary. If the children had their parents they would have received the basic minimum. We feel very sad that the children are managing with the minimum. Their care takers are also not in a position to ensure it.

Support to circulate enough of study material and toiletry items: the children have been managing with the minimum study material. We have been able to manage with the local contributions of the well wishers to meet the basic expenditure of study materials. Our main difficulty is find viable source of support for providing enough study materials after receiving which our children could enjoy the fullest development.

Support to develop talents (professional dance, drawing, yoga, vocal and instrumental music (key board, tabla, Guitar, violin). It has been one of our long awaited goals, which until today we have not been successful. We strongly feel motivated to knock at your door to help us to introduce this opportunity for our children. It will surely keep our children to grow in their personality.

Support to regular health check up and preventive treatment: As of today, we have doctors who offer medical consultation on concessional charges. However we have the supports of donors to meet their medicinal expenditure. Even though it is costly, we are in a position to meet out the expenditure. But we would like to promote medical intervention every month (Dental, General, Skin, Cardiac, Ortho, De-worming).

Support to take the children for periodical exposure and study tour: we have not been successful in organizing periodical outings for our children for lack of financial support.

Support to staff: as of today we have one part time coordinator, one warden and staff in the kitchen. As the number of children in on the increase, we need one full time coordinator, two supervisors, and two part time teachers.

Support to construct of drinking water harvesting unit to address and lack of water. Our major struggle mainly during summer is purchasing of water. Construction of water harvesting plant has been an unfulfilled dream of DKSHA.

Support to have necessary play ground and play materials.

Support to construct a compound wall: The DKSHA compound is not protected with a compound wall. We need to be doubly alert to because of lack of protection.

Support for administrative expenditure: Our main concern is to meet the electricity expenditure, maintenance of the buildings, documentation, communication charges, auditing etc.

Support to construct a steam cooking system for the Cornerstone orphanage: We have been following traditional cooking system which consumes time and energy. We use fire woods. If we have a steam cooking system it will be easy to cook for children.

Support to construct approach road within the campus.

Support to construct a bio-gas unit to address the issue of fuel for cooking for children in the Cornerstone orphanage.

Support to construct a prayer hall for the children.